Please review the submission photo specifications below:

TGYC Submission Guidelines

  1. Images should be in jpg or png file format
  2. Size limit: 10 mb
  3. No blurry, grainy, or fuzzy photos
  4. Make sure the photo is sharp and in focus. The objects should be clear and centered.
  5. Your photo cannot be manipulated in the following ways: text, emoji, stickers, etc.
  6. Please do not submit images in a word document.
  7. Do not submit photos that are not your own. You may only submit original content.
  8. DO NOT send original photographs through the mail without solicitation as we cannot assure their return or safety.
  9. All photos must be submitted online through the photo submission form.
  10. You may only submit photos that are suitable for a wider audience (photos may not contain sexual content or full nudity, may not promote violence, sexism, racism or bigotry, and may not contain profanity or explicit language).
  11. When you upload your photo(s):
    • Upload a side by side image of your completed project and your name and date written legibly on a separate surface (i.e., paper, poster board, etc.) (required)
    • Upload an image of just your completed project (required)