Enter to win The Great Yarn Challenge!

Do you love challenge-based TV shows like Top Chef and LEGO Masters? Have you ever watched The Great British Baking Show and wondered what the show would be like if the challenges were based on yarn crafts?

Well look no further, because we have exactly what you’re looking for! Starting on February 1, we invite you to participate in The Great Yarn Challenge, a fiber-based virtual competition open to seasoned and new yarn crafters alike where you’ll be competing against other yarn crafters for the chance to win amazing prizes and the ultimate award: recognition of your amazing fiber skills!


The Great Yarn Challenge (TGYC) is hosted by the Craft Yarn Council and is a new fiber competition that consists of weekly challenges based around different themes. Each challenge theme will feature inspiration projects and patterns, but you’re also encouraged to think outside the box on how yarn can be used and create your own original projects.

Below is the challenge schedule. The parameters of the challenge themes are open-ended, so don’t feel like you have to box yourself in. You’re welcome to interpret each theme however you choose and creativity is not only welcome, but highly encouraged!


February 1-6

Spruce Up
Your Space

This week is dedicated to crafting home decor, whether it’s a macrame wall hanging, pompom rug, arm knit blanket, tassel garland, or anything your mind can dream up.

February 7-13

Babies & Fur Babies

This challenge is all about creating items for the cute babies and animals in your life. Maybe you knit a set for a newborn baby complete with a hat, sweater, pants and some cute little booties. Or maybe you try out that new crochet dog sweater you’ve had your eye on!

February 14-20

Yarn in the Wild

This week, you’re encouraged to take yarn public or take it to the wilds. You could create an eye-catching yarn bomb in your city’s downtown square or make a woodland-themed blanket. The opportunities are endless!

February 21-27

Just Wear It

This week’s theme is in the name – if you can wear it, you can submit it for this challenge.

Feb 28 - March 6

Warm Up America!
Stitch Your State

This week, we’re asking you to create a 7’’x 9’’ WUA! section that represents your state and what it means to you. Whether you stitch your state flower, bird, tree, flag, or some other unique characteristic, the design is up to you!

March 7-13

Stitch It Forward

The Stitch It Forward week is dedicated to teaching a yarn craft to someone else to ensure that yarn crafts live on for generations to come! Tell us your favorite teaching story, past or present. Your stories can be funny, inspirational or heartfelt!

March 14-20

The Finish Line

This week is your chance to finish up any projects from the previous weeks and make sure you submit them online for a chance to win one of the many prizes up for grabs!

March 21-25

The Great Celebration

Last, but most certainly not least, is The Great Celebration! The last week of TGYC is where the winners for each challenge week and the grand prize winner for the entire challenge will be announced!


Step 1

Register for The Great Yarn Challenge on the TGYC registration form. Register

Step 2

Check the website and your email inbox weekly for updates on each week’s challenge theme, inspiration patterns, and information about how to join giveaways.

Step 3

Time to get busy and work on your project(s)!

Step 4

Read these guidelines for your submission. View the guide

Step 5

Submit your project(s) and/or your teaching stories. Submit

Be sure to finish up all of your projects during or before The Finish Line, March 14-20, for a chance to be named a TGYC winner! During the week of March 25, join in on the fun on social media and find out if you won any of the challenges, or better yet, if you’re the TGYC grand prize winner!

Here are all the ways you can win:

Throughout The Great Yarn Challenge, the Craft Yarn Council will host random giveaways to makers who submit during each week’s challenge! At the end of the campaign, a winner will be announced for each challenge theme and a grand prize winner will be chosen from each of the theme winners! Get your projects in each week so you can maximize your winning potential!

Weekly Giveaways

Social media giveaways hosted by The Great Yarn Challenge sponsors

Random drawings from submissions for each week’s theme

Here’s what you can win!

One of several prize packs from TGYC sponsors that may include assorted yarns, magazine subscriptions, tools, accessories, or books.

Theme Winners

One maker from each theme will be selected by the Craft Yarn Council based on the criteria below:
Creativity – How well you bring imaginative and original ideas to your project.
Execution – How well you incorporate the theme into your project.
Presentation – How well your project is arranged, designed and explained in your submission. Photo
submission guidelines must be followed.
Stitch It Forward Story – How well you encompass the theme of Stitch It Forward in your submission.

Here’s what you can win!

Each theme winner will receive an exclusive trophy that represents their theme, a prize pack from TGYC sponsors that may include assorted yarns, magazine subscriptions, tools, accessories, or books and an exclusive TGYC swag box that includes campaign merchandise.

TGYC Grand Prize Winner

One person will be chosen from the theme winners, making them the TGYC champion!

Here’s what you can win!

The TGYC grand prize winner will receive an exclusive TGYC trophy and a $1,000 shopping spree to shop sponsors’ products, which may include assorted yarns, magazine subscriptions, tools, accessories, or books.

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The campaign runs from February 1 through March 25, 2021. Crafters in the U.S. and Canada are welcome to participate, including those who already knit and crochet, as well as people who don’t know a yarn craft.