Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is The Great Yarn Challenge?

The Great Yarn Challenge (TGYC) is hosted by the Craft Yarn Council and is a new fiber competition that consists of weekly challenges based around different themes. Each challenge theme features inspiration projects and patterns, but you’re also encouraged to think outside the box on how yarn can be used and create your own original projects.

2. How do I register for TGYC?

Register for The Great Yarn Challenge on the TGYC registration form.

3. How do I submit a project for TGYC?

Read these guidelines for your submission and then submit your project(s) and/or your teaching stories via the submission form.

4. What is the deadline to submit my project?

All theme submissions are due by March 20, 2022, but we encourage you to submit projects at the end of the week for each theme

5. Can I submit more than one project for each challenge theme?

Yes! You can enter as many times as you like! Please complete the submission form for each project you plan to submit.

6. Can I submit patterns/projects that I create?

Yes, we highly encourage you to submit your own designs and projects!

7. Can I submit my project if I followed a pattern provided by TGYC or TGYC sponsors?

Yes! You can use any pattern provided by TGYC and any patterns found on TGYC sponsors’ websites.

8. Can I submit a project I created following a pattern another designer wrote?

No, we encourage you to create your own designs or use an inspiration pattern on the TGYC inspiration page.

9. Can I submit a project I’ve already made?

Yes, as long as it follows the guidelines in questions 7 and 8.

10. How do I win a giveaway?

Throughout The Great Yarn Challenge, the Craft Yarn Council will host random giveaways on social media and for makers who submit during each week’s challenge! At the end of the campaign, a winner will be announced for each challenge theme and a grand prize winner will be chosen from each of the theme winners! Get your projects submitted each week so you can maximize your winning potential!

11. What is the judging criteria for the challenge theme winners and grand prize winner?

Creativity – How well you bring imaginative and original ideas to your project.
Execution – How well you incorporate the theme into your project.
Presentation – How well your project is arranged, designed and explained in your submission. Photo submission guidelines must be followed.
Stitch It Forward Story – How well you encompass the theme of Stitch It Forward in your submission.

12. If I have any other questions about The Great Yarn Challenge, how can I reach out to you?

Please email us at and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!